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What can I find out with help of a DNA-test, what I wouldn´t learn about otherwise?

We at DNA-Bodytransformer are convinced that your genes know everything! Based on your genetics we can support your optimal nutrition, your fitness type and your health individually so that you achieve your desired goals.

What, if I´ve already done a DNA-test? Does an analysis of DNA-Bodytransformer offer me new information?

Due to our uniqueness we can analyse more than 1000 foods based on your saliva sample and test for their digestibility.

Can I give away a DNA-Bodytransformer Analysis?

Yes! Within the online ordering process you can either have the kit sent to you or specify the recipient’s delivery address. We will then send the kit directly to the recipient. Once he has received the DNA-Kit he can open a free account and activate the new kit.

What kind of sample do I have to provide?

The DNA-Bodytransformer Analysis Kit is easy in its use and the test only requires a saliva sample. To generate your sample all you need to do is to use a small cotton swab to strip along the inside of your cheeks for about 45 seconds.  The stabs are then put in leak-proof phials and send back to us.

When do I get the results?

Once your kit is arrived in our lab it takes about four weeks for the digital results to arrive. As soon as your results are available you get your results digitally by e-mail. If you have also ordered your analysis result in book form it will be sent to you within the next two weeks.

How is the anonymity of your data ensured?

As the samples are sent to the laboratory provided with a barcode, the identification of your person is impossible. The sample material gets destroyed after the analysis!

Are there already experiences or success stories of DNA-Bodytransformer?

There are already numerous people worldwide who have made positive experiences with a DNA-Bodytransformer Analysis. You are welcome to read through the positive reviews of our enthusiastic customers. For further first-hand experience reports and information on DNA-Bodytransformer Analysis, please contact us directly at support@dna-bodytransformer.com. We are already looking forward to answering your question.

I am active in sports and got a healthy diet! Why don´t I lose weight yet?

It may well be, that your nutrition or the type of exercise you do not correspond with your genetic metabolic disposition. It is clear, that you lose weight, if the total of burnt-out calories does not go beyond the sum of absorbed calories. However, due to their genetic metabolic disposition, people process different amounts of calories during the same activity or diet.  How many calories each person individually metabolizes depends on the personal genetic metabolic disposition. However, we are convinced, that we can offer you a successful and individually designed nutrition and training concept based on the DNA-Bodytransformer Analysis.

What happens, if my saliva sample is not available in enough quantity or is unusable (e.g. contaminated)?

Basically, your saliva sample should arrive in an analysable condition when the test-kit has been used properly. Nevertheless, it cannot be excluded, that in individual cases the test-kits get lost or damaged by post. In this case, we provide you with a free replacement-kit, with which you can resend in your saliva sample.

How do I know, which analysis is right for me? What are the differences?

The choice of your analysis depends on your individual goal. Our DNA-Bodytransformer Lifestyle Analysis is a metabolism and figure program with the goal to lose weight healthy and sustainable. We analyse the most important genes that influence your body weight. With the DNA-Bodytransformer Professional Analysis you additionally receive information about your detox and anti-aging recommendation and what influence your genetic has on your strength – and endurance performance of your muscular system. In our DNA-Bodytransformer Professional Plus Analysis the appearance of your skin is analysed additionally and you receive an individually designed cookbook with a 28-day menu plan and more than 50 recipes.