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Who and what is DNA-Bodytransformer?

The company Sport Media Vertriebs AG is an innovative swiss company that was founded in 1992. Our branches are located i.e. in Austria, Slovenia and Sweden. The main tasks of the company are research work and development of products in the field of biotechnology where we have specialised in human genetics.

In 2012, we also included the nutrigenetic analysis in our offer, which can be used to draw up a suitable diet plan based on the client’s genetic disposition and to give advice on a better lifestyle.  It is an innovative natural service, based on the fact that each person has his or her own genetic code, that´s why the nutritional needs are also unique.

The exclusive, new brand “DNA BODYTRANSFORMER” was developed for the marketing of our scientifically-medically based lifestyle program to market innovative products that belong to the world’s top in the genetic sector.

Our products lead to new insights of the clients by which they can improve their health state and increase their well-being with aimed measures.

Our laboratory possesses longstanding expertise in the field of topic-specific genetic analysis and the implementation of such analysis into attractive consumer products and is also tested and certified to the highest quality- and safety standards.

The genetic tests are completed products that enable a direct disposal to the client. As this is an in-house product we are flexible on adapting the products for our customers.

The analyses are not only marketed in the sectors of medicine and therapy with the marketing focus on therapy and health prevention, we also set ourselves the goal of presenting the analyses in the exclusive Premium-Concept Segment Lifestyle, Fitness, Weight Management, Beauty, Wellness and AHH (Anti-Aging & Health) – REAGING.

The DNA-Bodytransformer Concept was developed specifically for the world’s most important consumer target group at the moment: the so-called group of LOHAS: People who aspire and practise a “lifestyle of health and sustainability”.

The targeted group are people,

– with a high level of lifestyle awareness and the desire for an active, trendy lifestyle.

– with high prestige motives.

– with the desire for an attractive, well-groomed appearance and a good figure.

– who want to make their lifestyle healthier and, in a simple way, want to integrate more exercise into their everyday life and who are aware of the important success factor of care.

– with anti-aging motives.

– – or high performers who have above-average purchasing power and who are looking for a solution for a healthier, fitter, more attractive lifestyle in order to be able to sustainably retrieve their performance in work and business.

The Future Vision

Sport Media Zürich AG´s vision is giving the consumer a personal genetic analysis that provides them with information that enables them to change their lifestyle. With the help of these advices the consumer can improve his health and his well-being.

Our goal is to bring genetic and other similar molecular tests closer to the general public and to make their benefits available to everyone. We firmly believe that with genetic testing today we can already provide solutions that significantly improve your well-being and your health. The genes conceal several body traits that can be used to change your lifestyle in order to achieve a better quality of life.

DNA Bodytransformer

Why we created DNA Bodytransformer


Better nutrition

Nutrition tables with more than 1000 different foods adapted to your genes.

Less bodyweight

Valuable genetic information that help you optimal, to achieve your desired weight.

Optimized micronutrient requirements

Many detailed evaluations to the individual need at micronutrients of your body.

Clear metabolic factors

Convincing test results of your DNA with relation to your metabolism and your health.

Assessment of gluten sensitivity

Your genetic data on the probability of low or high gluten intolerance.

Maximized detoxification

Well-founded data of your oxidative stress level and of your detoxification of various pollutants.

Optimized sports activity

DNA results on the structure of your muscle cells and your talent for strength and endurance sports.

Shortened ageing process

DNA information on how to efficiently delay your biological ageing process.

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