DNA Fitness Analysis

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Your personal DNA WOMAN / MAN FITNESS Analysis based on your saliva sample.

The analysis – Your advantages:

  • nutrition
  • body weight
  • strength / endurance reaction
  • muscle building reaction
  • nutrition table (>1000 foods)

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The DNA Analysis

How does the whole thing work?

Step 1

Order your DNA Analysis comfortable by mouse click.

Step 2

Receive the DNA Analysis Kit and further information by mail.

Step 3

Collect your saliva sample and send it back to us.

Step 4

Verify yourself and get your own results.

1. Information brochure

There you find all the information you need for an optimal process.

2. Envelope for returns

With this envelope you can return your DNA-sample to us free of charge and conveniently.

3. Box with DNA-Analysis Kit

In the box you find your DNA-Analysis Kit. The instruction can be found in the information brochure.

Listen to your body

Results that convince


Nutrition tables with more than 1000 different foods adapted to your genes.

Body weight

Valuable genetic information that optimally help you to achieve your desired weight.

Sports activity

DNA results on the structure of your muscle cells and your talent for strength and endurance sports.

Ageing process

DNA information on how to efficiently delay your biological ageing process.


Well-founded data on your oxidative stress level and your detoxification of various pollutants.

Micronutrient requirements

Many detailed evaluations to the individual need at micronutrients of your body.

Metabolic factors

Significant test results of your DNA in relation to your metabolism and your health.

Gluten sensitivity

Your genetic data on the probability of low or high gluten intolerance.


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